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First post, yay!

And so I post in the community that was born from the thought "What if all lovers of Pokemon science and Pokemon scientists could unite to share their common interests?"

Or something.

Anyway, welcome everyone to Pokemon Science, a... Pokemon science LJ comm. Let me do some housekeeping here and beg for your help and with luck we should be able to kick it into high gear. First, regarding the rules, I've never run an LJ comm like this before, so if anyone would like to help me draw up some rules, twould be much appreciated.

Second, the Interests.

I think I covered most of the Pokemon scientists there were, including obscure ones from the TCG and minor ones, like Seymour, Westwood, and Quackenpoker, as well as any nutjob who likes tinkering around (Annie, Lawrence, Oakley) and characters remotely related to Pokemonistic science (Gary, the silver Rockets), not to mention any Pokemon that's ever been the subject of research or discovered through it (Mew, Deoxys, Gyarados). If you see anywhere I might be lacking, don't be afraid to tell me.

Finally, we definitely need a tagging system. Just tag your entries with specific things, like on this one. Simple, huh?

And on that note, I share a hilarious  video to kick things off. (Possibly NSFW.)

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